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Jerry Lewis

Tandartspraktijk Binnenweg, Maarssen

In the year 2000 Dr. Jerry Lewis graduated as a dentist at ACTA in Amsterdam and started my career at Tandartspraktijk Binnenweg. Up to 2006 in combined his work at Tandartspraktijk Binnenweg with part-time work at Kleinsman&Kleinsman in Germany. In 2006 he joined Tandartspraktijk Binnenweg as co-owner/partner and were able to grow our dental practice in terms of employees/dentists and patients. Apart from his work as dentist and co-owner, he joined ITI Studyclub in The Netherlands and became a registered implantologist at NVOI. His interest and focus are in implantology and estethic dentistry combined with 3D development. From his extensive experience in this field and our broad team of dental professionals, we are able to solve the most complicated cases at our practice.  


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